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Valentine's day


Traditional Valentine's day on 14 February in Japan is a day when school girl gives chocolate to a boy with a confession of love. It can happen that the school boy receives multiple chocolate from multiple female schoolmates. These chocolate are called HOMMEI choco, favorite or true feeling chocolate. Of course, the girl will give the chocolate to her boyfriend on 14 February too.

Boys or men whom are not in loved by anyone or have wives also get chocolate from their schoolmates or colleagues. These chocolate are not given with a confession of love but given as appreciation of studying or working together. These chocolate are called GIRI choco, obligatory chocolate. Hommei choco can be homemade or custom made chocolate but on the other hand, giri choco are usually cheap chocolate which can be found in any supermarket.

It is told that the custom of giving chocolate on Valentine's day was created by a major confectionery company in Japan in late 1936 and widely promoted by major department stores in 1958. Then, it is told that 20% of the annual chocolate sales are done for Valentine's day, confectionery companies engage on Valentine's day martketing from the end of January.

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