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View from aeria tramway at Mt.Tsukuba

Mt.Tsukuba is located in Ibaraki prefecture, north east of Tokyo. Then, it is a home of Japanese ointment originally using dried toad venom. Currently using dried toad venom is banned and therefore vaseline is used instead.

Mt.Tsukuba is also very popular place for hiking and there are aerial tramway and also funicular connecting the mountain. However, Mt.Tsukuba has two peaks, Nantai-san and Nyotai-san. The aerial tramway is connecting the Nyotai-san and the foot and the funicular is connecting the foot and the Nantai-san. Then, Mt.Tsukuba is a part of Tsukuba shrine.

To get to Mt.Tsukuba, the easiest way from Tokyo is to take a train of Tsukuba Express, which is a private sector. Get off at the last stop, Tsukuba and take a shuttle bus which connects both aerial tramway station and the funicular stations. Recommend to take the funicular up and then taking the aerial tramway down.

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