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Kanazawa station

Kanazawa station - Tsuzumi gate at Kenrokuen entrance

Kanazawa is definitely one of the major tourist destinations in Japan. The number of foreign tourists grown rapidly thanks to opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen in March 2015 but the famous Tsuzumi gate was already introduced at East entrance of Kanazawa station in 2005. Then, East entrance has changed its name to Kenrokuen entrance in 2015.

Kanazawa station has another entrance called Kanazawa-ko(Kanazawa port). However, due to local buses to Kenrokuen garden and Shirakawago depart from Kenrokuen entrance, not so many foreigners use Kanazawa-ko entrance which means almost no one take a picture of the Kanazawa-ko entrance.

Kanazawa station - Kanazawa-ko entrance

Although not many passengers use Kanazawa-ko entrance but long distance buses leave from Kanazawa-ko entrance therefore watch out when you are going to travel to another city by bus or going to Komatsu airport(nearest airport from Kanazawa).

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