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Kanayama station

Japanese stations names are not so easy to understand as like in Europe.

For example, Shinjuku station is the busiest station in the world but if you have never been to Shinjuku station, you will not know where the station is located. It is located in Tokyo but Japanese do not name as Tokyo-Shinjuku station. There are hundreds of station in Greater Tokyo but there is only one station which has Tokyo in its name, Tokyo station.

Then, the station which has the municipal name does not mean that the station is the main station of that city. For example, Kobe station is not the main station of city of Kobe, but Sannomiya is the main station. Then, Shin-Kobe is the station which Shinkansen stops.

The most complicated station is Osaka station. Shinkansen stops at Shin-Osaka station and private railways and metro use Umeda station even if it is next to JR's Osaka station.

Kanayama station is second busiest station in Nagoya which JR Tokaido and Chuo lines, Meitetsu Nagoya line and Nagoya subway Meijo line are located. This station is one of rare stations with multiple railways are located which has a single building.

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