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Kintai bridge

Kintai bridge

Kintai bridge(Kintaikyo) is my most favorite bridge in Japan.

It is a wooden bridge and the original bridge was built in 1673 by the third lord of Iwakuni domain, but destroyed next year by the flood. Therefore rebuilt again and the rebuilt bridge stood there for 276 years until destroyed by a typhoon in 1950. The third Kintai bridge was rebuilt in 1953 and the reconstruction finished in 2004. Iwakuni castle, which lords of Iwakuni domain lived are nearby.

The bridge is over Nishiki river and it connected the castle and the city of Iwakuni. Therefore it was very important bridge not only for local citizens but also for the samurai. To maintain the bridge, the domain introduced a special tax. Special tax was not only be paid by local farmers but also the samurai. However, farmers could not cross the bridge until late 19th centuries. The bridge was for samurai and the designated merchants.

There are cherry blossoms along the river bank which attract thousands of tourist each year. Fireworks festival takes place in summer and autumn color change of Japanese maples(momiji) also attract the tourist.

Located in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture, it is an hour ride from Hiroshima station to Iwakuni station by local train. Also, Iwakuni has Shin-Iwakuni station on Sanyo Shinkansen too. Sakura does not stop at Shin-Iwakuni but Kodama does. Then Kintai bridge is closer to Shin-Iwakuni station than Iwakuni station.

Unfortunately, crossing the bridge is not free but you have to pay a toll - JPY 300. There is also a combo ticket for Kintai bridge, Ropeway and the castle.

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