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Sundae and karaoke controller

Karaoke is definitely a Japanese entertainment. Actually there are three types of karaoke. 1st one is called karaoke box. You have to register/check in at the reception first and tell the staff about how long will you like to stay and also the number of persons. Then, the staff will inform you the room number and you will enter the designated room. The room has sofas, table, karaoke device and monitor. The room is private therefore no one will enter except the staff and your friends. Then, you choose your favorite songs from the song books or from the controller. If the time comes, the staff will ring your room's intercom and ask you if you want to extend your stay or not. Then, you can order refreshments and meals in your room via intercom. Sometimes 1 drink per person is free(included in the price).

Then, second type is karaoke snack. Snack means a bar where female staffs are providing the services. It is usually a small bar with a bar counter and a few tables. Customer can choose the song and has to sing in front of other customers. Singing a song can be free or charged per song. The karaoke device is same or similar to karaoke box. Of course you can order refreshments on the spot.

Last one is home karaoke. You can sing using internet karaoke program, which you pay per month. This system is relatively cheaper than karaoke box or karaoke snack but you have to prepare the refreshments by yourself. Then, you have to be keen on the time and the sound!

If you are singing late in the evening, and the sound is noisy, your neighbor can knock your door hardly or call the police.

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