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Automobile industry is one of the main industries in Japan and the biggest export to overseas. There are several world known automobile manufacturers in Japan and most of the standard cars driven in Japan are made in Japan.

On the other hand, Japanese also like foreign automobiles, especially luxurious German brands. Japanese consider as Japanese cars as standard and do not prefer to cheaper cars than Japanese one. Therefore it is very rare to see Korean brands, Kia or Hyundai cars in Japan.

Japanese automobile makers also have many factories outside of Japan. Still not so much in Europe but many in North America, especially in US. In US, although several luxurious European brands can be seen in US but most of the cars driven there are either US(GM/Ford/Chrysler) or Japanese brands. Not like in Europe, luxurious Japanese models also have key role in US market.

It was very popular till 90s to have a white color car but now the colors are more diversified. However, black is concerned as for chauffeur driven cars and red is still not common. Currently silver is dominating the market but taxis are not in silver.

Roads in Japan is as like in UK, you drive on the left lane. Which means driver sits on the right side of the car. However, there are many foreign made models which driver have to sit on the left side. Therefore the toll gates at the highways are equipped with staffed located gates for them.

Also, car rental is common in Japan, but not recommended for foreigners who do not understand Japanese. Also, parking is quite difficult in metropolitan areas. Gas stations are now usually self service system but unfortunately not written in English....

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