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National licensed guide


10564 persons applied for the annual Japanese national licensed guide examination on 20 August 2017. The result was been announced on 25 December 2017 and just 1649 persons passed the examination. Then, I was the one of them. Only 15.6% passed.

Finally my name was listed on the government website today and the certificate will be delivered to my parents house soon.

The next step is that I have to register at Saitama prefectural office and will become the National licensed guide in English. Actually the law was been changed last month that anyone can guide in foreign language without passing the examination but non-licensed guide cannot introduce himself as a Japanese guide or even Tokyo guide.

The photo is a tonkatsu(Japanese pork schnitzel) meal which I had on the evening of 20 August 2017. Many Japanese eat tonkatsu before the match due to katsu also means WIN in Japanese.

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