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Hachioji station

Hachioiji station

Hachioji is a city in western Tokyo. Hachioji belongs to Tokyo metropolitan government but it has own city assembly and mayor. It is the most populated city in Tokyo excluding 23 special wards, more than half a million inhabitants.

Many citizens commute to 23 special wards but the city also has university students to commute each day. 19 universities and colleges are located in Hachioji.

The most popular tourist attraction is the Mt. Takao which is the home of Tengu legend. Mt. Takao attracts approximately 2.6 million hikers per year and it is probably the most visited hiking place on Earth. Also confectionery and cafe Tea Cozy is located in Hachioiji, just 5 minutes from the Hachioji station.

Hachioji can be reached by JR Chuo line, JR Yokohama line, JR Hachiko line and Keio line. The main station is the Hachioji station(the photo) and it takes approximately 30 minutes by limited express from Shinjuku station. Limited express Azusa and Kaiji both departs Shinjuku hourly. Mt. Takao can be reached from Keio Takaosanguchi station on Keio Takao line. For JR pass holder, please change at JR Takao station.

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