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JR Yokkaichi station

JR Yokkaichi station

Yokkaichi station is located on Kansai main line operated by JR Central.

Yokkaichi is the most populated city in Mie prefecture and many Japanese manufacturing companies have their plants there.

Yokkaichi station is mentioned in JTB's timetable as the main station of Yokkaichi city but the actual main station is definitely Kintetsu Yokkaichi station operated by Kinki Nippon Railways = Kintetsu, on Kintetsu Nagoya main line. JR's station building is relatively big but there is no taxi waiting.

Then, the worst thing is that there is not even a convenience store located close to the station. Residents of Yokkaichi use Kintetsu rather than JR.

Due to no major tourist attraction in Yokkaichi, I think no foreign tourists will get off at neither JR Yokkaichi nor Kintetsu Yokkaichi. In case you are traveling from Nagoya to Ise Jingu shrine by JR's Rapid Mie, please be aware that extra supplement will be charged to Japan Rail Pass when you are passing between Yokkaichi and Tsu stations due to Rapid Mie is passing Ise Railway's Ise line.

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