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Usa station

Usa station

Usa station is the main station of Usa city in Oita prefecture, Kyushu. Although it is not located in the city center, it is the gateway to Usa jingu shrine.

You can reach Usa station by limited express Sonic but watch out that not all Sonic calls at Usa.

Actually Sonic is running each 30 minutes from Hakata to Oita or Oita to Hakata, but only half of them call at Usa. There are two types of Sonic, first one is the faster one with limited number of stops and the second one is more stations to call.

The slower Sonic bound for Oita stops at Yanagigaura and Usa after stopping at Nakatsu but faster one will not stop till Beppu, Nearly 40 minutes without any stop between Nakatsu and Beppu.

Therefore if you are travelling to Usa jingu shrine, please be careful which Sonic to take.

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