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I moved to Prague, Czech Republic in March 1997. Then start to meet Czech people and almost all of them asked me if I know a TV series call Goro-Bily pes(Goro-The white dog). They told me that it is a very popular Japanese TV series played in Czechoslovakia.

I had no idea at all and other Japanese in Prague did not know either.

At that time, there was no Google but later I have found out that the this TV series was called Ougon no Inu(The Golden Dog) in Japan and it was quite popular too.

The original TV series were played in 1980. I was 6 years old at that time and unfortunately I was living in NYC at that moment. Which means that no one of my family watched it. Then, this TV drama was not actually for small kids. I assume that Japanese who were born around 1960 can remember this drama.

It was also a movie in 1979 with many Japanese famous actors and actress but I am not sure who can remember this film.

By the way, there is a Czech version of Wikipedia for this TV series but no other language except Japanese. I think the Czech title should be Goro-Zlaty pes(Golden dog) even if the dog was white dog. In Japanese, Ougon(Golden) does not mean just the color but the status too. May be at that time Czechs could not understand the status due to it was under communist control!

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