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Retired YS-11 at Tokorozawa Koku Memorial Park

YS-11 is a turboprop airplane designed and built by Japanese aircraft manufacturer; Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation and it was the first aircraft wholly designed and manufactured by Japanese company after WWII.

Japan was the one of the leading aircraft, especially for military purpose manufacturing nations till the end of WWII. Aircrafts belonging to Japanese Imperial Army or Imperial Navy were 100% built by Japanese companies from the early stage. Mitsubishi, Nakajima, Kawasaki and Aichi were the leading companies.

The maiden flight was on 30 August 1962, two years before summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. YS-11 carried the Olympic flame throughout Japan. YS-11 was mainly used for domestic flights but also for several international flights. Also it was exported to several nations, for example Greece, Brazil and the United States.

YS-11 retired from domestic flights in 2006 but it was is still used by Japan Self Defense Force. YS-11 is known in the world as Made in Japan aircraft.

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