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Toranomon Yokocho

Toranomon Yokocho at Toranomono Hills, Tokyo

Toranomon Yokocho is located on the second floor(third floor in Japan) of Toranomon Hills Business Tower, which is a part of Toranomon Hills complex, which opened in 2014.

Toranomon Yokocho is a dining zone or alley of 25 eateries which are located next to each other inside the building. By the way, Yokocho means alley in Japanese. These eateries are branches of popular restaurants in Tokyo. It is an ideal place for bar hopping or food hopping which you can enjoy several foods and drinks at multiple eateries per evening.

When you visit Toranomon Yokocho or other dining zone with multiple eateries, first check the map of the facility. If you have decided which eatery to enter, please head directly to the eatery. However, I recommend to walk through the alley first and check each eateries. This procedure can avoid you to encouter a better eatery after having a meal!

Toranamon Hills can be reached by Toranomon Hills station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya line or Toranomon station on Ginza line.

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