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Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Big O Ferris wheel and Thunder dolphin roller coaster of Tokyo Dome City Attractions.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions(TDCA), formerly called as Korakuen yuenchi till 2003 is an amusement park in Bunkyo ward of Tokyo. It is one of the few amusement parks located in 23 wards of Tokyo. Due to excellent location, TDCA attracts thousands of visitors daily not only from Tokyo metropolis but also from surrounding prefectures.

Popular rides include Big O Ferris Wheel and Thunder Dolphin roller coaster. Big O is the world’s largest centerless non-rotating Ferris wheel which has 60 meters of diameter. Thunder dolphin, largest roller coaster in Tokyo with maximum speed of 130 km/h passes through the center of Big O. TDCA is one of the part of Tokyo Dome City which includes Tokyo Dome stadium, LaQua spa facility and Tokyo Dome hotel. Nearest station is Tokyo metro Korakuen station, JR Suidobashi station or Toei subway Kasuga station.

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