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Todaiji temple

Nakamon gate of Todaiji temple, Nara

All Japanese whom had been visited Nara were at this place. Probably all foreign tourists whom had been in Nara visited this place. Definitely Todaiji temple is the highlight of the sightseeing of Nara. The temple was built in first half of 8th century.

What makes Todaiji temple famous and popular? The answer is simple. The Great Buddha exists at this temple. Not like the Great Buddha at Kotokuin temple in Kamakura, Todaiji's Great Buddha is located inside the temple.

Todaiji temple is walking distance from Kintetsu Nara station but little bit far from JR Nara station. Therefore if you are not a Japan Rail Pass holder, better to take Kintetsu train from Kyoto or Osaka. From Osaka, Kintetsu's terminal is Osaka-Namba station, not annex to Osaka station.

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