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Tanegashima Shoujuen

Green teas from Tanegashima Shoujuen tea farm

Tanegashima Shoujuen is a family run relatively small tea farm located on Tanegashima island, which is located south of Kyushu island. Tanegashima belongs to Kagoshima prefecture which also has a famous brand tea produced in Chiran.

Apparently, Tanegashima is the southernmost place in Japan where tea farms are located. Therefore, the tea leaves on the island will be picked up earlier each year than any other place in Japan. However, island's tea does not have a huge distinguished brand names as Shizuoka tea or Uji tea. Despite its unrecognizability on retail market, the island's teas are mixed with other teas and sold in different brand.

The owner of Tanegashima Shoujuen, Mr. Matsushita is not elderly conservative man which you can find in rural area doing farming. The farm has their own website, own Facebook page and collaborates with other fields - such as making a craft beer consisting his green tea extracts.

His teas can be bought in stores in Tanegashima and also online.


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