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Slope car

Slope car is a fusion of monorail and people mover, invented by Kaho manufacturing co., based in Iizuka, Fukuoka prefecture. According to Japanese law, it is not a train or tram but considered as a type of elevator, which means that special license as like operating trains is not needed.

Slope cars are introduced at several properties in Japan and also in Korea. Mostly are introduced at tourist destinations, such as parks, zoos, and observatories but also can be found at other places including temples, cemetery, hotels and even at private properties.

There are several sizes from carrying 2 persons to 50 persons per car. Smaller size cars are used at private properties, temples and hotels but medium and large size cars are used at tourist destinations.

Inasayama observatory in Nagasaki has introduced slope car in January 2020. which is probably the most famous tourist destination with slope car in Japan, but there is also in Tokyo at Asukayama park.

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