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Mt. Inasa

View from Mt.Inasa, Nagasaki

Mt.Inasa(Inasayama in Japanese) is located in Nagasaki, the prefectural capital of Nagasaki prefecture in Kyushu. It is famous for Inasayama observatory which you can enjoy the magnificent view of city of Nagasaki, Nagasaki bay, offshore islands and Sea of Japan. The observatory is located at Inasayama park.

Night view from Mt. Inasa is one of the best night views in Japan and extremely worth to visit the observatory which has easy access from downtown Nagasaki. Definitely nearly all of domestic tourists will visit Mt.Inasa during their stays in Nagasaki.

Inasayama park can be reached by Nagasaki bus route No. 5 from Nagasaki station. Then, you can take a slope car, a type of monorail with a fusion of people mover to the observatory. In addition to bus + slope care, there is a aerial tramway between the observatory and the foot of Mt.Inasa, Fuchi-jinja station. Fuchi-jinja station is also connected with Nagasaki station by route No.3 and No. 4.

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