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Sara udon

Nagasaki sara udon with gyoza at Ringer Hut

Sara udon is a local specialty of Nagasaki. Another famous local specialty of Nagasaki is champon which both specialties are noodle dishes.

Champon is a noodle soup but sara udon comes with thicken sauce instead of soup. Literally, sara means plate. However, the noodles are not udon but as same as champon noodles. The other similar mistake can be happen to Yaki-soba, Japanese fried noodles which also use ramen type noodles rather than buckwheat soba noodles. By the way, champon noodles are similar to ramen noodles but the difference is the thickness. Champon is thicker or thinner than the ramen noodles.

Sara udon has two types. The first one is using thicker noodles which is either boiled or steamed before topped with fried vegetables, seafood, kamaboko fish cake and meat. The second type is using much thinner noodles which is deep fried and topped with same ingredients for thicker noodles.

Sara udon can be eaten in Nagasaki or at Ringer Hut, Japanese nationwide champon and sara udon restaurants.

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