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Hokkaido Corn Butter Champon at Ringer Hut

Champon is a noodle soup similar to ramen noodles. The difference between champon and ramen is that champon noodles are thicker than the ramen noodles. The another difference is that noodles are not boiled separately as like preparation for ramen but cooked together with other ingredients, such as vegetables, pork, seafood and fish cake.

Champon was invented in late 19th century in Nagasaki. Later spread to other parts of Japan but Japanese recognize champon as the local specialty of Nagasaki, which is known as Nagasaki champon and tourists visiting Nagasaki would eat at least once during their stay in Nagasaki.

Champon actually also means "drink several types of alcohol". Which means drinking two or more types of alcohol on the same evening(usually three or more types of alcohol). For example, drinking 2 glasses of beer, 1 glass of wine and 3 glasses of whiskey. The word comes from champon is a mixture of noodle, vegetables, meat and seafood. The Mixing the alcoholic drinks inside the stomach is a Japanese culture and custom.

Champon can be eaten in Nagasaki or at Ringer Hut, Japanese nationwide champon restaurants.

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