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Safety at restaurant

Transparent shield on table, MItsuya, Shinjuku-gyoen, Tokyo

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the security measurements are the most important matter for dining business. During the state of emergency period, restaurants and diners had to be closed earlier than before outbreak.

On the other hand, interesting fact is that Japan never faced closure of restaurants during the state of emergencies as like in other countries in Europe. Why? What is the difference between Japan and Europe.

Apparently, the difference is that the governments in Europe think closure is the single way to prevent the outbreak. If all restaurants are closed, citizens would not go there and spread of virus would not be happened. However, people who cannot go to restaurants will dine home. Presumably, less unknown people will meet up in a individual private residence than at the restaurant but there is no safety measurements at home.

Despite Japan did not shut down their restaurants, they asked the restaurants to take safety measurements inside the restaurants. Open windows as much as possible, ventilate the rooms as much as possible, put a shield between customers and etc. All these necessary expenditures were covered by the restaurants but on the other hand, they received a certain amount from state/local government as compensation for closing earlier than usual.

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