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Revision of train schedule - 2

Railway companies belonging to JR group have revised their train schedules on 14 March.

Major revisions of JR East are

1) Joban line between Tomioka and Namie stations were resumed since 2011.

2) Suica can be used on Kashima line

3) Sunuki station was renamed to Ryugasaki-shi station

4) Rapid Aizu with reserved seats between Koriyama and Aizu-wakamatsu stations on Banetsu West line.

5) Takanawa Gateway station was opened between Shinagawa and Tamachi stations on Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku lines.

Joban line was interrupted by the huge earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. Finally the most damaged part of the line had resumed.

Sanuki station is a transfer station for Kanto railway Ryugasaki line. Sanuki station was opened when former Sanuki village existed but Sanuki village merged later with Ryugasaki town to form Ryugasaki city. There is a station called Sanukimachi on Uchibo line and it was confusing.

Limited express Azusa

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