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Non-alcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer, Non-alcoholic Black 0.00% from Otaru Beer

Due to consuming alcoholic beverage is banned in Tokyo and its surrounding prefectures(partially) till 31 May, how about trying non-alcoholic beer in Japan?

Or if you are in Japan and have to drive, non-alcoholic beer is a substitute for regular beer.

At first you must be aware that there are non-alcoholic beer and low-alcohol beer which may contain few percent of alcohol. For example, up to 0.05% alcohol per volume can be mentioned as non-alcoholic beer in EU. In Japan, officially beverage containing less than 1% can be sold as non-alcoholic beverage, but driver who had 0.15% alcohol per liter of breath or more will be arrested when he or she was stopped by the police.

Therefore beverage companies had started to selling non-alcoholic beers which contain 0.00% alcohol since 2009. Actually the history of non-alcoholic beer is shorter than its history in EU but you can find it easily at restaurants and diners.

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