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Movie theater

Entrance of Toho Cinemas Shinjuku

Until 90s, movie theater in Japan was a single screen and audiences had to buy their tickets at the box offices. Then, the seats were not designated and therefore you could sit where ever you want. Then, number of ticket did not have to be as same as number of seat. Which means may be you can not sit down when it is playing extremely popular films.

Movie theaters were everywhere in Japan even in small cities. Then, these small cinemas closed and only cinemas survived in bigger cities. Now as same as in Europe, most of the movie theaters, cinemas in Japan are multiplex. Multiplexes could be found outside of metropolitan areas too.

I assume no one is interested in watching Hollywood blockbuster films in Japan but if you love Japanese anime or Japanese motion pictures, you should watch them at movie theaters. However, there will be no English subtitles for Japanese anime.

By the way, Hollywood films in English language are with Japanese subtitles. Japanese dubbing is rare except Disney films or films for children.

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