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Menchi-katsu of Sekiguchi-tei

Menchi-katsu is another Japanese food which was adapted from western cuisine. It looks similar to korokke; Japanese potato croquette but it does not contain any potato.

Menchi-katsu is breaded & deep fried ground meat patty with onions. The meat can be either beef, pork or mixed beef and pork. The name probably came from minced meat cutlet which turn to menchi-katsu due to menchi-katsu is easier for Japanese to pronounce.

There is a similar Czech dish called karbanatek but there are some differences. At first, menchi-katsu is more juicy or tender than karbanatek which is more firm. Then, menchi-katsu contains less seasonings. Only salt and pepper.

Menchi-katsu can be eaten at restaurants and diners but not easy to find as like tonkatsu; Japanese pork schnitzel. Then, menchi-katsu can be find at supermarkets and convenience stores as take away food too.

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