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English and Chinese leaflets of Tanegashima ware

In 21st century, the method of gathering information is apparently via internet. However, Japan is still left behind if you compare with Europe. Leaflets and flyers are still used as common way to attract the people.

Especially in Prague, Czech Republic where I live, I do not see anyone giving flyers on streets. You hardly get flyers inside your mailbox. If a new store or restaurant opens in your neighborhood, you will not notice it until you come across this establishment or you will not hear from your friend or family. On the other hand, you will see numerous people giving flyers on streets of Japan, then you will notice a restaurant is going to open soon.

Leaflets are still used too. If you enter a tourist attraction, you will get a leaflet with your ticket when you paid the admission. Then, you will find numerous leaflets at information center. These leaflets can be hotels, restaurants, car rentals, tourist attractions and etc. Of course, these are now published in multiple languages.

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