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Kofuku-ji temple

East Golden Hall and Five-storied pagoda, Kofuku-ji temple, Nara

Kofuku-ji temple is a Buddhist temple in city of Nara, Nara prefecture which is a national headquarter of Hosso school, East Asian Yogacara. It is one of Nanto Seven Great Temples located in Nara, capital of Japan between 710 and 794. Seven Great Temples are protected by Japanese Imperial court. Its Honzon; principal deity is Buddha.

Kofuku-ji temple also belongs to Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara, which is a UNESCO World Heritage since 1998. It was built in 669 by Emperor Tenji before the capital moved to Nara from Fujiwara-kyo(present-day Kashihara city).

Although not so popular as Todai-ji temple or Kasuga Taisha shrine which are the members of Nanto Seven Great Temples but Kofuku-ji temple is definitely must visit place in city of Nara. Anyway, you will pass the temple on the way to Todai-ji temple and Kasuga Taisha.

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