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Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is located at Tempozan Harbor Village in Osaka city. Tempozan Harbor Village is amusement complex built at Tempozan park which is adjacent to Osaka port. It includes shopping mall Tempozan Market Place and the aquarium.

Kaiyukan has the second largest inner tank in Japan, 5400 tonnes of water, second largest floor area with 31044 m2 and the second most visited aquarium in Japan in 2018, 2.77 million visitors.

The stars of Kaiyukan are whale shark and manta ray. Especially if you want to see the whale shark, it is one of the aquariums in the world which you can see it.

To reach the aquarium, take Osaka Metro Chuo line to Osakako station. Then, walk 10 minutes from exit no.1. If you are coming from Osaka station, it takes longer but much convenient is to take a direct bus operated by Osaka City Bus, line 88. The nearest bus stop is Tempozan Harbor Village. Also there is a boat connection between Universal Studio Japan.

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