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Inubosaki lighthouse

Inubosaki lighthouse, Choshi, Chiba prefecture

Inubosaki lighthouse is one of five remaining first order lighthouses in Japan. First order lighthouse uses first order Fresnel lens which is diameter of 259 cm and focal length of 92 cm. This lens is the largest lens used in Japan. The lighthouse is also A rank preserved lighthouse designated by Japan Coast Guard.

Inubosaki lighthouse is also one of the 100 lighthouses listed by International Association of Lighthouse Authorities(IALA) as historic and architectural monuments. There are only five lighthouses listed by IALA in Japan and it is listed as Important Cultural Property by the government.

The operation of the lighthouse started on 15 November 1874. Inobosaki lighthouse is located on Cape Inubo in Choshi, Chiba prefecture. Choshi is known as the one of the busiest fishing ports. The lighthouse is 31.3 meters tall and it is second tallest brick made building in Japan, after Shiriyazaki lighthouse in Aomori prefecture. The maximum distance of light range is 19.5 nautical miles, which is roughly 36 km.

Inubosaki lighthouse is open to public and visitors can climb up to the top. Admission is JPY 300/adult. The nearest station is Inubo station of Choshi Electric Railway which terminal is Choshi station adjacent to JR Choshi station. From Tokyo station, take direct train, limited express Shiosai to Choshi.

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