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Furusato nouzei

Sanuki udon noodles sent from Kotohira town office in Kagawa prefecture

Furusato nouzei is a unique tax system in Japan. Furusato means hometown and nouzei means tax payment but it is a type of donation to get a tax reduction.

Donation can be given to UNICEF or Red Cross but Furusato nouzei is a donation to local municipalities throughout Japan. Then, usually donation is one way, rich people donate to the organization and hardly get any gifts from the organization except letters of commendation.

However, Furusato nouzei is different. You donate certain amount to the local municipalities and the local municipalities will send you the local products as the value of the donation. The city will get the revenue from the Japanese who live outside of the city. Then, the city will buy the products made in the city from the local company who produces or sells the product. Then, the city will send the product to the person who donated the amount.

Therefore there are three benefits. The first benefit is the individual who donates the amount. He or she will get tax reduction and also can get the local product. The second benefit is the local municipality which will get the revenue from individual who lives outside the city. Then, also can support the local company which also does tax payment to the city. The last benefit is the local company which can sell their products to the city. Then, the local company can do the promotion for free when the individuals get their products and the individuals might buy the products again.

There are several sites which you can do the Furusato nouzei, therefore you do not have to check each website of the local municipalities. Then, the amounts of donations are fixed per products as same as you do internet shopping.

Local products are usually vegetables, fruits, rice, meat or seafood which are fresh or processed to groceries.

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