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Fruits milk

Fruits milk

Fruits milk is a dairy product which contains milk and various kinds of fruits. As same as coffee milk, it is one of the typical Japanese milk products which is hard to find in Europe.

Then, it is not sold everywhere, for example it is hard to buy in supermarkets and in convenience stores. Usually fruits milk is sold at public bath, hot spa and milk stands at stations. It was used to be in glass bottles but recently it is much common to be sold in hard plastic bottles.

There are similar beverage sold at Kansai region(Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe) as Mix Juice at restaurants, diners and cafes. These mix juices are blended with various fruits and milk as same as fruits milk. However, Japanese regulation does not accept this type of beverage which packed in cartons, bottles and cans to be sold at supermarkets or convenience stores as mix juice. Juice must be 100% made from fruits.

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