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4 wheels spinner stroller bag

One of the things which bothers you when you go for a holiday is that what to bring there are which luggage to take with you.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to take unlimited luggage to the airplane. Usually for economy class passengers, a suitcase up to 23 kg can be on hold and a much smaller luggage is allowed to bring on board. Which means you can take just two luggage with you.

Then, what type of bag to bring to the cabin? Backpack, tote bag, duffel bag or luggage with wheels? Definitely if you want to put your valuables inside the bag, not to buy the hard side luggage. The reason is that there is no external pocket and you have to open the main compartment to take out your passport or wallet. Therefore if you want to avoid this at the passport control, better to take soft side luggage which has an external pocket. Then, better take a spinner, luggage with 4 wheels, not the 2 wheels one. It is much smoother to carry when you are passing the narrow aisle.

Last tip. Put a pen inside the external pocket too. You have to fill out the landing card on board and you will need a pen. It is a nightmare if you have a hard side luggage without external pocket.

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