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Kagurazaka is neighborhood in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo. It is one of the popular shopping streets which is not located along Yamanote line. Stations serving Kagurazaka are Kagurazaka of Tokyo Metro Tozai line and Ushigome-Kagurazaka of Toei Oedo line. Also it is possible to walk from Iidabashi station which is served by Tozai line, Yurakucho line, Namboku line and JR Sobu line.

Main steet of Kaguraza is Kagurazaka which is a part of Waseda avenue between Okubo avenue and Sotobori avenue. Kagurazaka street is one of the rare one way streets which change directions during the day. During morning, vehicles can run in direction of Waseda to Iidabashi only, but the direction changes in the afternoon from Iidabashi to Waseda.

Although it is shopping street, it is a not a place to where big stores are located to buy clothes nor electronics. It is rather selling small goods and foods. There are plenty of nice cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood.

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