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Most of the countries in Europe have 3 days bank holiday from 24 December to 26 December. Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing day. On the other hand, none of these three days are public holiday in Japan.

Therefore it is very good for tourists to visit Japan during Christmas season. There are decorations and illuminations everywhere and shops and tourist attractions are open too. You do not have to face a problem as like in Europe where you can not find a restaurant open on evening of 24 December or on 25 December.

On the other hand, hotels in big cities can be fully booked on 24 December. This is not because the domestic tourists visit the cities during this period. The reason is that couples overnight at these hotels on 24 December and make love each other. They have a dinner at fancy restaurant and then stay at a nice hotel. Therefore, restaurants are fully booked on 24 December too.

What Japanese eat on Christmas? Chicken is the main dish and many people go to KFC and buy fried chicken there. Also, many families buy Christmas cakes at the confectionery stores.

Christmas cake of Tea Cozy, Hachioji

Evolution Japan Tour wishes Merry Christmas and happy New year. Our blog will be suspended till beginning of January 2020. Have a nice holiday season!

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