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Lanikai beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is the top overseas beach resort destination for Japanese, visiting 1.57 million tourists in 2018. Which means regularly 4300 Japanese are arriving per day!

One of the reason that Japanese prefer Hawaii is that Japanese is used as business language in Hawaii, especially in the state capital Honolulu. Tourists not only enjoy beaching but also can enjoy shopping and local gourmets. However, not like European tourists who stay at least a week at beach resort, Japanese visit Hawaii mostly less than a week, 4 nights is very common.

There are plenty of direct flights from Japan to Hawaii, mainly to Honolulu. The flight duration is 7-8 hours and time difference is -19. Although it is not so close but if you want to visit a tropical island in Pacific together with your trip to Japan, it is a good choice to choose Hawaii.

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