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View from Amanohashidate viewland

Amanohashidate is one of the Japan's three scenic views. The other two are Matsushima islands in Miyagi prefecture and Itsukushima shrine in Hiroshima prefecture.

Amanohashidate is a shoal, sandbar in Miyazu bay in Miyazu city, located in northern Kyoto prefecture. It is the second most popular destination in Kyoto prefecture after Kyoto city. In 2013, 1.78 million tourist visited this famous sandbar.

There are two places to see or take the photos of Amanohashidate. The first place is Kasamatsu park, which is located north-west of Amanohashidate. The park is located on the top of a hill which is connected by a funicular and chairlifts. The second place is Amanohashidate Viewland which is closer to Amanohashidate station. Amanohashidate viewland is also on the top of a hill and it is connected by monorail and chairlifts.

Amanohashidate station is not a JR station but for Willer Trains Miyazu line, which means out of Japan Rail Pass. However, there are direct limited express trains from Kyoto station which run JR Sanin line till Fukuchiyama. From Osaka, take limited express Konotori which connects to Hashidate at Fukuchiyama station. For Japan Rail Pass holders, you have to pay supplement for Fukuchiyama-Amanohashidate.

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