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Golden pavilion

Golden Pavilion

Rokuonji temple known as Kinkakuji temple = Golden pavilion is definitely one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto. Built by the third shogun of Ashikaga clan, Yoshimitsu Ashikaga in 1397.

Golden pavilion survived during the civil war, Onin war and WWII but unfortunately burnt down in 1950 due to an arson which was done by the apprentice of the temple. The reconstruction started in 1952 and finished in 1955. Then, it is a part of UNESCO World heritage since 1994.

Golden pavilion is located north west part of Kyoto, which is quite far from Kyoto station. Unfortunately there is no station near by and the nearest bus stops are Kinkakuji-michi or Kinkakuji-mae. It is also quite far from the other main attraction Kiyomizu-dera temple but quite close to Ryoanji temple. If you have two full days to explore Kyoto, better not to visit Golden pavilion and Kiyomizu-dera on the same day.

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