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Local train

Local train of JR Ban-estu-sai line

Many people might think that there are only high tech modern trains are running in Japan. It is true but not everywhere. There are still trains which are 30 years or more old. These trains are running in local lines especially at non-populated areas.

Some trains might be refurnished but most trains have the original interiors. No air-conditioner and no information board. Then, usually the seats are box seats.

Mostly these trains do not have conductors on board and operated just by the train engineer. Then, due to many stations which the train stops are unmanned stations, the train engineers have to collect the tickets. Therefore some trains allow passengers to get off only from the front door, the door behind the train engineer's seat.

State-of-art JR trains are first introduced to busy lines in urban metropolitan areas and then transferred to rural areas. Therefore if you want to ride the old trains, please travel to the rural areas.

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