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Tennozu Isle

Boardwalk at Tennnozu Isle

Tennozu Isle is a river island waterfront redevelopement area in Shinagawa ward in Tokyo, not far from Haneda airport.

Tokugawa shogunate started to built the No.4 battery, one of the 8 batteries - fortresses to protect Tokyo during Edo period. However the project had to be interrupted due to financial reason.

Later the interrupted battery was sold to private entrepreneur who built a dockyard at the place. Then, the area was landfilled and connected with the Shinagawa district. Due to its location, the area was used mainly as warehouses and factories.

The redevelopement plan started in 1986 and Tokyo monorail's Tennozu Isle was opened in 1992, which accelerated the construction of the high office buildings. Now there are many high rise condominums and cozy cafes and restaurants too.

The area is also connected by Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit's Rinkai line but for Japan Rail Pass holder should take Tokyo monorail which you can use the pass.

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