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Green tea

Matcha green tea

Japan is a country which its green tea is well known to foreign tourists. There are three major regions where tea leaves are harvested in Japan.

Shizuoka - Tea leaves which grown in entire Shizuoka prefecture. One of the three major Japanese teas with the largest volume.

Uji - Uji is a city in south Kyoto prefecture but the tea leaves are also harvested in neighboring Nara, Shiga and Mie prefectures and processed by traditional Uji district method. It is considered as the most luxurious green tea, which was gifted to Shoguns living in Tokyo(Edo) during the Edo era.

Sayama - Sayama tea is grown in southwest Saitama prefecture and north Tama region of Tokyo. Due to close to urban area, production of Sayama tea has declined since 70s. There is a proverb; The color is Shizuka, the fragrance is Uji, and then the taste is Sayama.

Matcha green tea is one of the types how to enjoy green tea. However, it is expensive than the normal green tea leaves and therefore it is not drunk at home daily. Matcha is served mainly at tea ceremonies but you can enjoy the fresh and authentic matcha in Kyoto, especially at certain temples. Kodaiji temple offers high class matcha with Japanese sweets for a reasonable price at their gazebo.

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