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Sparkling sake

Sparkling sake Yoshonigawa

Sake used to be sold in large bottles called ISSHO-BIN in Japanese. Bin means bottle and issho is a Japanese volume used for sake(and other liquids till late 19th century). 1 issho is 1.80391 liters.

However, due to change of way of living and Japanese are more westernized, smaller bottles were introduced similar to wine bottles and also gable top carton type is also sold nationwide with wide varieties of sake.

Although these new introductions helped the sake breweries to sell their products more but the breweries also introduced new type of sake. Not the package but the taste.

Sake is a rice wine, fermented alcohol, made from rice. There are dry or sweet tastes as similar as wine but there was no sparkling version. Therefore sake breweries developed a sparkling sake, especially attracting women.

Sake was a alcohol for men but due to introduction of sparkling sake, women who were drinking sweet cocktails or mixed shochu drinks will shift to order sparkling sake at pubs and restaurants.

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