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Sayama Green Tea Cola

Sayama green tea cola

Saitama prefecture is located north of Tokyo, and many inhabitants commute to Tokyo. Then, the famous local product is Sayama-cha; the green tea produced in Sayama city and its surrounding. Sayama-cha is recognized as three major Japanese green tea; with Uji-cha in Kyoto and Shizuoka-cha in Shizuoka.

Then, there is a cola called Sayama-cha cola(Sayama green tea cola). The flavor is not cola with green tea accent but green tea with cola accent.

Not like in Europe, green teas in Japan are not sold as a sweet beverage, except this Sayama-cha cola. As it is written on the bottle, it is really an amazing taste and if you like green tea and cola, you should try it.

However, it is not sold nationwide. It is produced by Masudaen, based in Iruma city, therefore if you are in south west Saitama; Sayama, Iruma, Tokorozawa, Hidaka and Hanno cities, please check carefully and with patience!

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