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Lemon steak

Lemon steak

Not like in Czech Republic where I live, there is a local specialties throughout Japan.

Today I would like to introduce a meal dish called lemon steak. This is a local specialty of Sasebo city in Nagasaki prefecture. The most famous local specialty of Sasebo is Sasebo burger but lemon steak is worth to try.

Usual steak is thick but this lemon steak is thin and its sauce is a mixture of soy sauce and lemon juice. Actually lemon flavor is not so common in Japanese cuisine but this flavor matches with the thin steak.

If you ordered a white rice with it, you can put the rice to the sizzling plate later and mix with the delicious sauce.

Sasebo station can be reached from Nagasaki station by Rapid Seaside Liner or from Hakata station in Fukuoka by Limited express Midori.

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