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National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter

Tetsuro Goda

The ID of National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter was delivered to my parents apartment on 21 February. My dad send me the copy by email. I really appreciate for the technology and also my dad who is over 70 could send an attached email to his son!

As working more than 20 years as Japanese guide in Prague, I felt the limitation of guiding Japanese in Prague. The Japanese tourists traveling to Prague will not drastically increase in near future. Japanese speaking guide can guide only Japanese tourists. Of course I can guide English group in English but I think no one from UK is expecting it!

As I lived in NYC when I was very young, I feel calm when I am with the non-Japanese rather than with Japanese. Which means I prefer a group consisting 30 Caucasian, 10 African origin people and 10 Asian, rather than guiding 50 Japanese. Also I know a lot of geography which means I know all the countries on Earth, almost can say all capitals too.

My aims are to guide groups from Europe to Japan and also promoting tourism in Japan. Therefore having the license will be the exact and strongest tool which I need to fulfill my aims.

The attendants who are at the presentations will be glad to hear a presentation from the licensed Japanese.

Actually no one care about Japanese guide in Prague except Japanese who intend to go to Prague and Czechs who are looking to work for Japanese tourists. However, National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter of Japan is different. People who are interested in Japan are more than Japanese interested in Czech Republic, which means more businesses.

The potential of tourism in Japan will never be over!

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