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Presentation at JICC in Prague

There was a presentation on 15 February, organized by Japanese Information and Culture Center in Prague which belongs to Embassy of Japan in Czech Republic. I was the one who was giving a presentation regarding a tourism in Japan.

The presentation started from 18:00 but the seats(more than 50) were occupied by 17:45. There were people standing and listening to my presentation for nearly 2 hours! Unfortunately there were some people who could even enter the room....

The staff of JICC told me that usually roughly 20 people attend the other presentations at JICC but this time it was nearly 4 times more!

Although we sell Japan Rail Pass and tours to Japan, I almost did not mention about our services but kept talking about the tourism in Japan, where to go, how to travel, what to eat. My aim is to attract people to visit Japan, not forcing them to buy the Japan Rail Pass from us. I have to tell the people how attractive Japan is and how convenient and cheap to use Japan Rail Pass. Then, we are the one of the authorized agents which they can choose to buy. The people who attended the presentation will remember the presentation and may be about me and they will tell to their friends too.

I am willing to give any presentation for free if the presentation is organized by public organization such as Japanese embassies in Europe or public local schools.

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