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Prope street

I was born in Osaka but I lived in Tokorozawa before moving to Prague.

Tokorozawa is the fourth most populated city in Saitama prefecture after, prefectural capital Saitama city, Kawaguchi and Kawagoe. The population is around 340000.

Located at south west of Saitama, most of the inhabitants commute to Tokyo for work. The main station is Tokorozawa station which is operated by private railway company Seibu.

Seibu group owns and manages professional baseball team called Saitama Seibu Lions.

Tokorozawa is also well known as the first airfield and the first aircraft to fly from the airfield in Japan in 1911. Captain Tokugawa(descendant of Tokugawa shogunate clan) ride the French Farman III biplane and took off from Tokorozawa army airfield on 5 April 1911.

Captain Tokugawa was also the first Japanese to graduate from French aviation school and first pilot in Japan.

Tokorozawa's main street is Prope street, name after from propeller and there is also Farman street name after by Farman III biplane. Prope street is pedestrian street and many restaurants, taverns, shops are along the street.

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