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Tokyo 03

Tokyo 03 is a trio of comedians in Japan specialized in KONTO.

Konto is a distinguished style of Japanese comedy which is a mixture of MANZAI(traditional stand-up comedy done by two or more comedians) and play.

Both KONTO and MANZAI have straight man who is called TSUKKOMI and funny man called BOKE. The BOKE always say some funny or unreal stories(hardly say black jokes) and TSUKKOMI has to deny the stories.

Tokyo 03 has two BOKE(small and big BOKE) and one TSUKKOMI.

KONTO and MANZAI are part of the life of Japanese and many superstars have been appeared.

Takeshi Kitano, well known movie director is also a top comedian and was BOKE of duo called TWO BEAT.

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