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Limited express Shiokaze(Shiokaze means Tide Wind in Japanese) is connecting Okayama station in Honshu and Matsuyama station(some of the trains are extended to Uwajima) in Shikoku, crossing the Great Seto bridge, operated by JR Shikoku.

Before the opening of the Great Seto bridge, people had to take local train to Uno station in Tamano city, Okayama where they had to transfer to Uko ferry which connects Uno and Takamatsu ports. At that time, Takamatsu port was the gateway of Shikoku island. After arriving at Takamatshu port, the passengers had to walk to the platform of Takamatsu station which Shiokaze departs. At that time, Shiokaze was the limited express connecting Takamatsu and Matsuyama(Uwajima) only.

After the opening of the Great Seto bridge, limited express between Takamatsu and Matsuyama, the two largest cities in Shikoku, changed to limited express Ishiduchi, Ishiduchi is named after Mt.Ishiduchi, the highest mountain in Shikoku. However, most of the Ishiduchi are connected with Shiokaze between Utadu and Matsuyama stations. Currently Utadu station is the gateway station for Shikoku, connected with Kojima station in Okayama, Honshu by Great Seto bridge. Utadu station used to be a local station with limited express passing through,

Shiokaze is the first DMU(diesel multiple unit. Diesel powered train without locomotive) with active tilting train in the world in 1990. Due to Yosan line between Takamatsu and Matsuyama is now electrified.

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