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American group called Village People reached 2nd place of Billboard Hot 100 in early 1979 by a song, Y.M.C.A., one of fewer than 40 songs to sold 10 million (or more) physical copies worldwide.

The song was immediately copied by Japanese artist, Hideki Saijo. The song's name has changed to Young Man(Y.M.C.A.) and introduced the significant dance or choreography for this Japanese version, which the original version did not play. The choreography itself is the one of the most famous all time Japanese choreography which Japanese over 40 years old can dance.

Saijo's song hit the chart immediately and reached the Japanese chart - Oricon number one spot after three weeks after its release on 21 February 1979. Stayed 5 consecutive weeks on the top of the chart. Then, it stayed 9 consecutive weeks for different chart in Japan. the Best Ten, the TV music chart show of TBS. The song was ranked 7th of 1979 and selling more than 800 thousand copies.

The song almost got all major music awards in Japan but missed the Japanese Grammy - Nihon Record Award , due to the song was not Japan original. Anyway, the song is considered as one of the greatest hits in Japan.

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